Workouts for the Broad Street Run

By Eric Bofinger

Often when people approach the challenge of participating in a distance race, they focus soley on one thing, running distance.  In general a normal workout week should include a tempo run, a long run, some sort or speed or interval workout, and an easy recovery day.  Use the following guidelines to build your workout routine for the Broad Street Run. 

Workout #1- Tempo Run at Broad Street Goal Race Pace (GRP).  Start in the 15min range and build up in to 40min range in increments of 5 minutes.  If this workout feels too easy it’s probably because your goal is too easy.  You should not be able to run 10 miles at this pace outside of a race.

Workout #2- Long Run at 60 sec slower per mile than 5k RP for 6-10mi.  This workout serves as a confidence builder because you will be working up to the racing distance at a slower pace while building aerobic strength.

 Workout #3- Interval workouts / Fartleks. All of these workouts are run at a pace that is faster than your race pace.  Some examples of workouts are:

  •  5k Time Trial
  • 4x800m w/ 400m jog recovery build this workout to 10x 800m w/ 400m jog
  • Farlek workout, 4 min easy one min hard, or 3 min easy 2 min hard or any combination.  Do this for 3-6 miles.
  • Timed miles at Goal 5k race pace.  Start with 2, build to 5.  Full recovery.
  • Hill running 400m-1000m.  Sprint up, jog down.

Workout #4- Easy Running– Moderate mileage (4-6mi) 60-90 seconds slower than 5k race pace.

Enjoy and good luck.