Why do you run?

by Eric Bofinger

People run for many different reasons. Some run and train to compete in races because running is something that they are good at. Like with most things in life, what you put into running you are able to get out of it in terms of increased fitness and the ability to run faster. Other people run mainly for the physiological benefits. Running like many other activities if done at the right intensity can promote cardiovascular and bone health. A third reason to run is the social aspect. People join running clubs, go for group runs, and run in races with tens of thousands of people to be apart of a community.

Starting this Sunday at 9:30am at Tyler Park, the Bucks County Road Runners with be kicking off their annual Winter Racing Series. There are twelve races from now until 2/20 that vary in distance from 5k to a half marathon and all take place in Tyler park. All of the races are very informal and welcome new runners. If your looking for something to be a part of, looking to get in shape, or looking for someone to race, this is probably something for you.