The Broad Street Run

By Eric Bofinger

Today is Thursday, January 6, 2011.  In 16 weeks from this Sunday the City of Philadelphia is hosting its 32nd Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run on May 1st at 8:30am.  The Broad Street run is a 10 mile road race that starts near Central High School and travels down Broad Street, around City Hall and ends in the Navel Yard past the stadium complex.  Over the past 10 years the Broad Street Run has ballooned from 6,692 finishers in 2000 to 26,266 in 2010.  This year the race organizers are capping entries at 30,000.  Be sure to secure your spot and sign up when registration starts on January 15th!

 Besides signing up for the race, two other objectives need to be accomplished. 1.) Set a goal time.  2.) Train.

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