Fitness Assessments

November 10, 2010 | Posted in: Blog

Fitness Assessments

Everything that we do in the gym is designed to expand our comfort zones. Strength training expands our definition of heavy and light. Metabolic conditioning expands our work capacity and our definition of easy and hard. Mobility work expands our bodies’ range of motions.

In order to expand our comfort zones, we need to train at their thresholds. In order to accurately and quantifiably identify these thresholds, we need to periodically test ourselves.  A well designed assessment is targeted towards your goals and repeatable. At BucksFit, we have a number of very well designed assessments that fit all of our clients’ needs.

  • For the client interested in overall well-being, we have the general fitness assessment.
  • For the athlete, we have assessments for their respective sport. The athletic assessment measure lower body and upper body power, speed, agility, and strength.
  • For the golfer, we use the Titleist Performance Institute designed assessment that measures stability and mobility in golfing postures.

After determining your individual strength imbalances, movement pattern and mobility deficiencies a program can be better designed to address your needs.  By eliminating your deficiencies and weaknesses, you will drastically improve your performance. As you become fitter, reassess to adjust your program accordingly. Ask one of our training staff to schedule your assessment or reassessment today. Test, train, rest, repeat.