Do you find yourself putting yourself down? “I can’t finish this workout.” “I can’t lose weight.” “I’m a failure.”

This destructive habit is often a self-fulfilling prophecy – we talk ourselves out of improving our performance or maintaining good new habits. We talk ourselves into just giving up. Find the power within your mind to overcome a physical challenge; then, connect your mind and your body to make them both stronger simultaneously. It takes work. Being happy takes work. Take the time today to really think about how you are thinking and see if you can’t re-work your thoughts to a more positive outcome. This journey is not just about losing weight, getting in shape, or whatever your general fitness/wellness goals are. It’s about building a foundation of positive thinking that can overcome any negativity in life. If you embrace that your success is only limited by your mindset, you will reach all of your goals and then some!

First, Though, Believe in Yourself…

For years scientists have been trying to figure out exactly what it is about regular exercise that triggers so many beneficial reactions in the body and mind. It turns out that some of the most powerful benefits of exercise may actually come from how exercise affects our self-confidence. People who believe they are incapable of exercising may feel they get tired too soon and drop out of an exercise program, while those with a higher belief system actually feel great about the experience.Lack of self-confidence may be one of the top reasons why so many people quit (yes, even those with the greatest of intentions)
The take-home message is simple enough. If you have a positive attitude toward exercise, you will want to exercise more. If you think you can, you most likely will 🙂

Start this week off with healthy thoughts and actions..