Attention coaches, parents and Little Leaguers! Baseball season is here again!

Little League practices continue and if not already, pretty soon Little League season will be in full swing. With this comes a lot of fun, but also the potential for injury. Shoulder and elbow injuries are the most common Little League injuries, particularly among Little League pitchers.

Most often, shoulder and elbow injuries occur in youth baseball due to imbalance of flexibility and poorly conditioned throwing arms. Muscles of the shoulder are underdeveloped and then become overused which results in increased strain placed upon both the shoulder and the elbow. Many of these injuries are completely preventable through proper screening, conditioning exercises and throwing activities before and during the baseball season.

Prevention is key, and while not all injuries can be prevented, most shoulder and elbow injuries can. Bucks Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation is offering free screenings to Little League organizations in its service area. We want to help prevent Little League shoulder and elbow injuries.

This program, in conjunction with following the pitch count guidelines, will help ensure a fun filled, injury free baseball season. For more information about our free screenings, please call Bucks Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation at 215-357-2000 EXT 10