If you are just starting out, a group fitness class is a simple and effective way “in.” This type of class functions like a personal training session but in a group setting. You don’t need to do any preliminary preparation; the instructor does it all. He or she choreographs a balanced workout that is set to music ; when the class is underway, the instructor is available to give you tips and corrections on technique.

The energy flow created by the group dynamic acts as a source of motivation and makes the workout more fun for everybody. Within the group, you will also have an abundance of good examples from which to draw and learn. At the same time, with a group class, you blend in with others so that you are not alone in the spotlight.

Group fitness classes generally last from 30 minutes to one hour. They are broken down into three segments: the warm up, the heart of the work out, and the cool down.  Keep in mind: When first taking a class, it is ok to start slowly. Progress only with the onset of confidence and comfort with movements, and move only as you build up your strength and endurance. Be diligent and patient with yourself!

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