A lot of clients ask what kind of shoes should they wear when they are working out. The answer really comes down to watch you are doing.  For running, check out Eric’s post from the other day.

The activities in the gym require slightly different footwear.  Your shoes for strength training should be flat soled, provide adequate support and breathable. The primary problems with running shoes are the raised heel, think Nike Shox, and the lack of lateral support.

There is also a benefit to wearing shoes that are lightweight and flexible to help train your intrinsic foot muscles. What’s your intrinsic foot muscles? Next time you are in the gym, ask Chris to help you with some barefoot deadlifts, the muscles gripping the platform are your intrinsic foot muscles. They play an important role in balance.

Footwear that meets all of these standards include (but there are dozen of other choices)…

Nike Free Trainers

New Balance 100 line or 800 line

  • Flat soled
  • Flexible
  • Adequate support side to side