By getting today right, and by getting every today right, you will get the weeks and months right too. Then you will get the years right and start to get close to realizing your potential. The secret of life is getting today right. Everyone can get today right, and if you can do it once you can do it repeatedly.

This is something I try to stress to myself, my clients and other people. If you are trying to lose weight and transform your body, for instance, it can be daunting and intimidating to embark on a life long journey to accomplish that goal. However, if you simply take it one day at a time, things become much easier and simpler to deal with.

No matter what your goal is – take it one day at a time. Do everything you can today to get you closer to your goal. Get today right, and make today count. And then repeat. That is how you can change your body, your health, and your life.

Happy New Year*

-Katie 🙂