Senior Strength Training

October 22, 2010 | Posted in: Blog, Employee News

As we age, our bodies experience physical & physiological changes. Weight training for seniors can help older adults remain active & mentally sharp well into their aging years.
As we age our muscles lose mass & strength, joints become stiffer making it difficult & sometimes painful to move. Strength training can rebuild lost muscle strength.
Strength not only aids with movement but also helps balance, helping to prevent falls.
Strength training also helps the immune system & with skin elasticity. Tighter skin with less hanging can also help the elderly feel more comfortable with their bodies.
It is recommended that a strength program for the elderly be guided by the expertise of a personal trainer.


Let’s Eat Ladies!

October 19, 2010 | Posted in: Blog, Employee News

Good morning!  Today, I’d like to get you to try something different.  Today, I don’t want you to count calories.  Today…I want you to eat!

For far too long, many women have been told that the formula to lose weight is, eating nothing + 4 million hours of cardio = sustainable weight loss/the body you’ll love.  If you add those two up in reality, it ends up looking like this…Eat nothing + 4 million hours of cardio = you being miserable, having no lean body mass to support your body, and an undying roller coaster-like insulin level.  Sounds like a good time, right?  All jokes aside, I want to challenge you today.

Today, don’t count your calories.  I want you to make good choices at every meal and eat until you’re satisfied.  By good choices I mean a food plan centered around proteins, fruits, vegetables, and water.  Eat your carbohydrates (low on the glycemic index, unless it’s post workout) at breakfast, and fuel your body with proteins, nutrients, and plenty of water for the remainder of the afternoon and evening.  Also, abide by the 2-3 hour rule.  Always put something (of quality) in your system within 2-3 hours after you’re last meal.  This will keep your insulin levels towards more of a plateau rather than peaks and valleys.

I want all you females reading this to realize that you don’t have to starve yourself in order to have the body you want.  In fact, if you do, you’ll never sustain the body you have.  You’ll ride peaks and valleys of weight loss/gain until you decide to make the change and eat what your body needs.  Yes, your body needs carbohydrates, proteins, and nutrients, not a shot of water, 4 pieces of lettuce, and a fat burning supplement like tv and magazines would have you believe.  Fuel your body with the right things, stay on a well balanced weight training program, and your body will be ready for the summer before the first snowflake falls this winter 🙂

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!

-Chris Kurtz, Certified Personal Trainer


October 18, 2010 | Posted in: Blog, Employee News

It’s Monday morning, what’s YOUR excuse? Today there’s a new definition for chore: exercise. There are millions of reasons not to exercise; too busy, too tired, too bored, none of them are valid. The fact of the matter is this: very few people are willing to take the action necessary to produce the results they want. This applies to losing fat, building muscle, and basically every other aspect of life.

*If time is your enemy, reevaluate your schedule. Time is the easiest cop-out for not exercising. You have time to watch television, talk on the phone, browse the internet…take time for your health!

*If you think exercise is boring, find a new approach to exercise- better yet- grab a buddy and try a free training session at BucksFit!

*If you’re too tired to exercise- get moving! A sedentary lifestyle will cause fatigue. Start exercising to increase your energy level.

There is no better time than the present. Don’t wait until tomorrow, next week, or New Years to make a change – make it today 🙂

If you still have an excuse, check out This Video of Dustin Carter.

Proud to Announce Our Nike SPARQ Trainers!

October 8, 2010 | Posted in: Employee News

BUCKSFIT is Proud to Announce… Team Members Eric Bofinger & Shawn Classen have completed their training in Nike SPARQ Training! Want to find out what your SPARQ Rating is? Schedule an appointment today! Check out the Nike SPARQ link for more information…

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

July 28, 2010 | Posted in: Blog, Employee News

Bill Gregory, Eric Bofinger, and Shawn Classen are now TPI certified. As TPI certified fitness professionals, Bucksfit can assess the golfers movement patterns, flexibility, and stability. Armed with this information, the Golfer will be provided corrective exercises and drills to improve their body and their golf game. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

 Want more information? Check out the TPI website