BucksFit announces the launch of its Zumba Fitness program at its Richboro locations. Classes are being taught by Bucks Zumba Girls, Suzanne Safran, Andrea Rogers and Shari Booth. Zumba Fitness is a Latin American dance fitness program that features easy-to-follow dance moves and high and low cardio intervals to give a total body workout. And most importantly the workout features smiles. “I’m always surprised by how quickly an hour passes when I’m in Zumba,” remarked Freya Hoffman, a regular participant with Bucks Zumba Girls. The Zumba fitness program has been successful mainly because it is fun for participants and rather than dreading a workout, people actually look forward to their Zumba time. “Zumba not only improves your physical well being but it also boosts your mental health. There is something about the music and energy of a Zumba class that makes you leave feeling happier and more at peace than when you arrived,” commented Suzanne Safran, instructor. For more information and a complete class schedule visit the Bucks Zumba Girls website http://www.buckszumbagirls.com.