Anatomy of a Training Session –

There are countless ways to improve your fitness. Here is an outline of a very effective training session.

1) Soft Tissue/Mobility work – spend 5 minutes on the foam roll.

2) Warm-up

3) Core-centric work – spend 5 to 10 minutes developing the plank, hollow-rocks, or GHD sit-ups and hip extensions.

4) Heavy Strength Training – Pick 1 or 2 multi-joint, compound exercises and do 3 to 5 sets of 1 to 6 reps. Exercises that would qualify include squat, deadlift, shoulder press, bench press, (weighted) pull-up, clean, snatch, etc…

5) Conditioning – spend the remainder of your workout session breathing hard. Interval training, circuit training, sprinting, or jumping rope are all viable options.

This formula will allow you to develop all aspects of your fitness. If you are more interested in strength training, spend more time there buy don’t completely neglect the other four components of the session. Need more specific examples, ask one of our coaches to develop a workout with your goals in mind.