Today’s post comes with a little sense of urgency.  There’s only, yes only, 16 weeks left until the high school baseball season starts.  That may seem like a lot, but in reality, this is the home stretch.  As a high school player, you have the next 16 weeks to address a multitude of issues.  Strength, speed, athleticism, shoulder/elbow health (although most elbow issues are due to weakness within the scapula), and flexibilty should be a general focus for baseball players heading into the winter months.  With that said, each player has individual needs.  In a typical afternoon, I’ll see one player with hip instability, so he’ll have specific exercises prescribed in his program to address that issue.  At the same time, and in the same group, I’ll have a player with a scapular imbalance that needs to be addressed through proper scap stabilization work.  The point is, each player is different, and has different needs.  Yes, we all want to get husky, throw harder, run faster, and drop boombies.  But, if you don’t take care of the little things, they will become big things before you know it, and you’ll have to miss time because you didn’t take care of it in these final 16 weeks of the off-season.  Here’s an idea of what your programming should look like:

-Foam Roller Series

-Dynamic Warm Up

-Treadmill 5:00, 65% of max heart rate

-Shoulder Stabilization/Rehab Exercises

-Speed/Agility Work

-Strength Work w/ individual stretching as active rest

-Static Stretch to finish

For any questions, comments, or inquiries, you can email Chris and the BucksFit team at [email protected].  Thanks for stopping by!